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In China, there are a few little hens at home, who can eat eggs at ordinary times. If someone in the family is greedy or wants to replenish their body, they may shed their skins and eat them~ So, after many Chinese came to Toronto, they thought Following the example of China, I wondered if I could raise chickens in my backyard.
Now, Toronto has announced: You can raise chickens in your backyard! It can be an old hen, you can take the eggs laid by the hen, but you can’t kill the cute little hen! Can only be a pet~
According to a report by government official Carleton Grant, chicken farmers in the pilot area for this project did not find any problems and suggested that it be extended for another year. The current fixed date will end in March 2021.
It is reported that the Toronto City Council had considered promoting this project throughout the city as early as 2017, and it was approved that year. Residents in the backyard of the house in the municipal area are allowed to raise laying hens in the backyard. Self-sufficiency. As of March 2, 2018, the city government began a pilot test, allowing families that have registered chickens to raise up to 4 hens for laying eggs or as pets, but not eating the hens.
Therefore, for the current pilot project, you need to go to the relevant website to apply for chicken raising. After being approved, you can have the right to raise a mother in the backyard. It is estimated that the rooster will not work. ~Some people are still awake, the rooster starts to croak…
The reason why the project has not been fully promoted is that government officials still have a lot of concerns. Chicken raising is not like raising dogs, because it involves pests (especially rodents), wild foxes, wild wolves, etc. more frequently. Possibility of residential areas; and chickens are susceptible to bacterial infections, various diseases that can infect humans, and there are potential risks of outbreaks. And if the chicken is sick, Toronto doctors who can treat the chicken are not so popular…