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Some of these passengers are the first batch of international students returning to Australia since November last year.
After almost two years, I finally saw overseas students returning to Australia smoothly. Although not many, it was a good start.
The university department praised the travel bubble as an important step to revitalize the multi-billion Australian dollar international student market.
Singapore is the first country to reach an isolation-free travel bubble with Australia. People who have been vaccinated with 2 doses can travel without isolation before the two countries.
Sisters Karen and Quynh Nguyen reunited at Melbourne Airport this morning after two years of separation. They cried with joy.
Karen went to Vietnam for vacation at the end of 2019, but because Australia closed the border in March 2020, she has stayed in the country.
On Sunday, after arriving on the first flight from Singapore, she said with tears in her eyes and wearing a mask: “I was going on vacation, but I was trapped there for 2 years. We all cried, but it was true. Very happy.”
At the same time, today Sydney also ushered in a flight from Singapore. The Times interviewed a series of Singaporean travelers who arrived on Sunday morning.
Among them, 29-year-old Shin said that he became a PhD student in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Melbourne two months ago. He has no friends in Melbourne other than his mentor, but he still came here. He expects to stay in Melbourne for the next 3 to 4 years. fake document supplier.