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U. S. News is an English weekly magazine formed by the merger of the two magazines “U.S. News” and “World Report”. It is the first institution in the industry to publish university rankings. There are many institutions that rank American universities, such as USNews, QS, THE, ARWU, and Niche, but the more authoritative one is still the USNews ranking. This year’s ranking is based on: 40% of educational achievements, 20% of faculty, 20% of expert opinions, 10% of financial resources, 7% of student performance, and 3% of donations from alumni. What changes have taken place in the ranking of American universities this year? We together look! Hayeps Ma, YYDS. diploma maker, fake diploma maker, fake degree maker, fake documents maker, fake diploma supplier, fake degree supplier, fake transcript supplier.
The top 5 universities in the United States this year are Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale. Stanford ranks sixth. Princeton University has been ranked as the top university in the United States for 11 consecutive years. Compared to last year’s ranking, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, fake transcript, fake certificate. Columbia’s performance this year is undoubtedly the most surprising. It jumped from TOP3 to No. 2 in the United States in one fell swoop, tied with MIT and Harvard, while Yale University dropped one place and ranked No. 5 in the United States. name. MIT has also made a breakthrough, from No. 4 last year to No. 2, fake diploma sample, buy fake certificate in us.
All the way forward, the most eye-catching JHU/Duke is undoubtedly Duke University, which directly rises by 3 places, from 12 to 9th! JHU also made great strides all the way, tied with Northwestern University, and went straight to the top 10! JHU established the new crown epidemic special homepage during the epidemic last year, and has successfully reached the world through the epidemic broadcast. Wall Street’s “salary” favorite, NYUNYU’s ranking this year has risen by 2 places compared to last year, ranking 28th in the United States! But the excellent ranking is only one aspect of NYU. It can be described as taking up the time, location, and people: in Manhattan, most of the world’s top 500 companies are gathered nearby, and the new ivy halo blessing makes NYU countless Target School of famous enterprises. Judging from NYU’s alumni data, giants such as Xiaomo, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Google all have their presence. According to the Offer data of NYU students, the starting salary of students in the financial industry is as high as $100,000/year! The UC department performed well. UCLA/UCB/UCSB performed well this year. UCLA ranked 20th in the United States, leading UCB with two positions, which is also a small victory. I have to say that UCSB is really hard and resistant. Do any UCSB students tell me what is it like to follow your alma mater to the Top 30 step by step?
A rational look at the rankings is that the US.News rankings are released every year, and the changes in university rankings will inevitably affect everyone when choosing a school. “Should this school be replaced”, “Should this school be added”… .. In fact, it is normal for the university rankings to rise and drop by 1-2! It can be seen from the latest rankings this year that the largest changes are only within 4 places. So we should not blindly be led by the rankings, look at the rankings rationally, and consider our own needs more. Will we be undergraduate employment in the future or do we plan to study for graduate school? Whether we want to work overseas or plan to return to China, our school choice will vary greatly depending on our goals. In addition, you also need to start from your own preferences and interests, choose a favorite city, a school that matches your temperament, and a major that you are interested in and excel at, and then use the ranking as a reference to finally choose the university you want!