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How can international students break through the siege to find good job in USA?

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In 2022, the number of postgraduate entrance examinations is 462w, which will hit a record high!
It is said that this number is the information obtained by college teachers who participated in the employment conference held by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources and Social Security on November 19.
Although this number has not yet been officially confirmed, all parties have also predicted that the number of postgraduate entrance examinations will increase.
According to online calculations, if everything is true, 462w people signed up VS the actual number of admissions is only about 110w…
After subtracting the number of recommended places, the remaining 80w…
It is estimated that eventually there may be as many as 380w postgraduate entrance examination parties who will have to face a wave of dilemma of not learning.
And if you want to bypass the graduate school and take your talent directly to work, it may be even more difficult right now.
More and more units and companies have been “stuck” with a master’s degree!
Previously, Shanghai Jiaotong University recruited “security guards” who required a master’s degree or above, which caused heated discussions.
Although the follow-up school authorities also clarified that the recruits were “security management posts”, which belonged to administrative organ managers.
However, many netizens lamented, “It is really difficult not to go to graduate school. If you want to be a security guard, you can’t go to work…”
It is said that the end of the universe is inward scrolling.
In the face of the current situation, what are the plans of the students who have to win their graduate diplomas?
At the same time, the domestic postgraduate entrance examination party was facing the horrible figure of “462w” transmitted on the Internet.
Australia on the other side of the ocean has ushered in epic enhancements in one week!
First, on Monday, Australian Prime Minister Morrison announced that from December 1st, all temporary skilled immigrants, international students and working holidaymakers who have been fully vaccinated with two doses will be able to enter Australia directly without exemption!
After two years of waiting, Australian international students can finally become real international students again!
And just today, Australia is struggling while the iron is hot again, and once again announced a major benefit!