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A classmate like me was in a hurry at the time and was completely fooled by the big agency. fake diploma, fake degree, fake transcript, fake certificate, In the early stage, I signed a contract without comparing a few companies. After the contract was signed, no teacher contacted her for many days. She herself said that the attitude of the agency before and after the signing was too different. Big, before signing the contract, I made phone calls almost every day and made all kinds of promises. In fact, this is the case. In such an institution, the consultants in the early stage are only responsible for signing contracts and completing their tasks and goals, so they don’t care whether the teachers in the later stage can do it or not. In such an institution itself, there are many students, and sometimes the teachers in the later stage are not busy at all. I heard from my classmates that when there are many teachers in the later stage, they can bring seventy to eighty students. You can calculate the average time for one student per day. how many? Some even confuse the information of the classmates with the situation, which is really speechless, but it is too late to regret at that time. Besides, most of their recommended items are additionally added within their institution, and they are all packaged. In fact, the gold content is very low, and the teachers in the later stage do not have much time to help students spend a lot of thought and time to carefully screen, and then follow The documents are even more the same, directly take the template to cover, a batch of pits.
With the lessons learned from my classmates, I was really very careful and cautious in choosing an intermediary at that time. I searched online, compared many others, and then I went to meet with the later teacher several times, and after in-depth communication, I settled on his home. The teachers in the later stage are not only experienced, but the teachers who brought me in the later stage are also very good and responsible. Sometimes I’m more strict than my mother and tutor. He took me by himself throughout the whole process, buy fake diploma how to identify websites, helped me discover my own highlights, and then used this to plan my personal documents for me. And spent a lot of time helping me filter high-quality projects, really doing my due diligence. Not to mention ability and experience, even a late-stage teacher with such a responsible level of energy cannot reach it.