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In addition to the common big U, students will also consider the application of the liberal arts college when choosing the U.S. undergraduate application. The popularity of liberal arts colleges in China is not very complete. Many parents and people in the country know very little about this, and even think that these are “Pheasant Universities”, but in fact, the difficulty of applying for top liberal arts colleges is not lower than that of Harvard and Yale. . Today, Huide Studying abroad will take you to understand the American College of Arts and Sciences and related applications. buy us fake degree, buy uk fake diploma.
First of all, everyone should understand that the liberal arts college is also a formal American undergraduate education. The students who initially attended the liberal arts college are all descendants of nobles. Therefore, the liberal arts college focuses on the quality of students. For example, as everyone knows, graduated from Wellesley College ( Soong Meiling of Wellesley College, based on this educational philosophy, the courses of the College of Arts and Sciences are less practical, but more humanistic. There are also many celebrities like Jobs graduated from Reed College, Wang Leehom graduated from the Music School of Williams College, Guo Moruo and Liang Shiqiu graduated from Colorado College, and so on. how to buy fake degree?
From the English translation “Liberal Arts College” of the College of Arts and Sciences, Liberal means “liberalism”.
The College of Liberal Arts and Science emphasizes comprehensive education, and emphasizes the exploration of students’ thinking potential to achieve “all-round development” in the true sense. Its curriculum is mainly based on basic subjects, covering arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, etc., to distinguish it from comprehensive universities that are oriented toward vocational training or scientific research.
In the minds of most Americans, liberal arts colleges often represent classic, small-scale, high-quality undergraduate education. The academic reputation of many liberal arts colleges is often as good as that of Ivy League universities such as Yale and Harvard, making them the first choice of many American upper-class and noble children.
What kind of students are suitable for applying to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
American liberal arts colleges are generally located in rural or small towns. Compared with comprehensive universities in downtown, liberal arts colleges are quiet and have a better learning atmosphere, but corresponding social and entertainment activities are also scarce. If you prefer a quiet environment, like a compact school, do not have a clear professional direction, or are interested in many fields, then the liberal arts college is undoubtedly very suitable for you, and your probability of getting a scholarship is much higher than that of a comprehensive university (Of course, the overall tuition of the College of Arts and Sciences is also more expensive than that of U.S. University…). On the contrary, if you are a more active person who wants to have many opportunities to contact American society, then a comprehensive university may be more suitable for you. The atmosphere of a metropolis, colorful campus activities, and numerous clubs and organizations will release you to a greater extent. Talent and character.
If you do not have full confidence and interest in your future major at the early stage of planning, Huide recommends that liberal arts colleges are the best choice. The general education provided by these colleges can maximize students’ understanding of themselves and facilitate future graduate studies. When choosing the direction you really like. Of course, Big U also has undecided/undeclared majors, but the basic education part is indeed better than the liberal arts college.