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RMIT will release the results as usual on November 29, and the passing results of the second semester of 2021 will be displayed on the academic transcript and included in the GPA/WAM.
However, due to the continuing impact of the epidemic, RMIT considers that everyone may not have a high degree of adaptability to online courses, and the subjects that are suspended in the second semester of 2021 will not be counted in the final score.
RMIT has sincerely changed the performance evaluation criteria for everyone, which shows that even if there is a baby’s failure, the score of the failure will not be included in the GPA/WAM.
With this reassurance pill, babies who want to apply for research no longer have to worry about not enough grade points!
When the final grade fails and the result is converted to WDR, you still need to pay the tuition fee for this course when you re-register for the course
However, this policy does not apply to courses that have been penalized (cheating or plagiarizing or submitting other people’s work as their own work).
Seeing this, don’t the babies breathe a sigh of relief? RMIT really implements the culture of pampering students to the end.
Other than this, if you cannot complete all the learning requirements of the course in the second semester of 2021. For example, due to the inability to learn remotely (online courses), professional courses or experimental courses receive a “result not finalized” level (RNF).
When the face-to-face learning starts, the learning requirements will be completed again to finalize the results.