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After our first brainstorming, we gained a lot. In the later stage, fake diploma, fake degree, fake transcript, fake certificate, the teacher also had a comprehensive understanding of me. The subsequent application process was also very smooth, and I also cooperated very actively. My GPA is not bad, but the standardized scores are not very ideal. In order to improve my competitiveness in the application, the teacher suggested that I reapply. This time I also planned the time and took it very seriously. The results are also quite satisfactory, and the results have improved a lot. Also up to the standard. Thank you very much for the detailed study plan and time arrangement that the teacher helped me to formulate, so that I could complete it efficiently.
After that, it was mainly about soft background planning, although I myself have some activities and scientific research projects. However, according to the judgment of the later teachers, the depth of my project is not enough, so after our communication, I decided to participate in a project. With the help of the teacher, I got a project with a relatively high gold content. I also performed very well throughout the process, and I also received a letter of recommendation to help me apply. The teachers in the later stages of the entire application process gave careful guidance. As far as I know, there are not many teachers who are so responsible in the later stages.