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In fact, I am a very playful person in life, fake diploma, fake degree, fake transcript, fake certificate, and the school I go to is not the famous 985/211 college, so when I first went to college, I felt like myself My life has been oriented, and I didn’t work very hard in the face of the schoolwork. As a result, when I started to apply for studying abroad, I only had the mentality of trying it out. Fortunately, I did not give up because of the trouble of studying abroad, and it was not easy to find study abroad agents. I also tried many methods and inquired about many friends who have studied abroad, and they all recommended me a few institutions. I also screened it according to my actual situation, and I felt that study abroad was the most suitable for me. The teachers in the later stage are all senior teachers. They will lead me to do high-quality projects in the same major and guide me throughout the process. It was this point that struck me and decided to sign with them.
The first time I felt the difficulty of studying abroad was when I was preparing for the language test. It was a particularly bumpy experience. I applied for the TOEFL test very early, but every time I took the test, it was only two weeks before I started preparing for it, so it was purely sending money. I am too lazy to introduce the specific details. After all kinds of ups and downs, I finally got a satisfactory score.
Every effort is worth it. After so many things, I settled down and did a good job in every step of the application. I thought carefully about every application detail that my later teachers prepared for me. In the later stage of school selection and major selection, the teachers spent a lot of thought and chose many good schools and majors for me. At the same time, they respected my opinions and gave me a lot of opinions accordingly. In the preparation of the application essay, the later teacher helped me a lot and played a crucial role from beginning to end. Every time I had my own opinion, the teacher would immediately correct it and send it to me, which moved me very much.
I finally got an offer from Carnegie Mellon University. Not only that, but there were also admissions from several other schools. I was very happy. I have realized my dream and become more confident. Although I still feel that I have many shortcomings, this is not an inferiority complex, but a sense of joy that I look forward to constantly climbing to achieve my goals.