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American University degree

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American University was founded in 1893, referred to as AU. It is a private four-year global university with a history of 100 years. American University has a strong faculty and rigorous teaching. Make Fake American University Degree, American University degree, buy fake American University diploma, order fake degree of American University from USA, There are mainly 7 colleges, Washington School of Law, School of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Communication Management, School of International Service, School of Public Affairs, School of Education.
American University is located in Washington, USA. The capital of the United States, Washington, the full name of “Washington D.C.” (Washington D.C.), is named in memory of George Washington, the founding father of the United States, and Columbus, who discovered the New World of America. Make Fake American University Degree, American University degree, buy fake American University diploma, order fake degree of American University from USA, Washington is administratively governed by the federal government and does not belong to any state. The mild climate and abundant rainfall make the city parks green and the surrounding countryside is lush with greenery and crops. Urban residents who support the old and young are busy taking a leisurely trip and patronizing such a good place for walks and dates. The climate in the Special Zone is mild in winter and sultry in summer. The temperature in January ranges from -2°C to 7°C in winter, and the average temperature in summer is 18°C ​​to 29°C.
The campus of American University is only 4 miles away from the White House. Due to geographical convenience, many political figures are often invited to give lectures at the school. For example, former US President Kennedy was invited to give lectures. Of course, there are also many retired political figures. Teaching here has attracted many overseas students. Therefore, AmericanUniversity has become a favorite of international students. There are more than 90 club activities in the school, and sports activities in the school are very popular.
There are a number of scholarship sponsorships. There are six dormitories on campus to choose from, and Leonard Hall, an international dormitory with different cultural characteristics.
American universities are ranked 75th in the United States (the latest ranking in 2014) and are also rated as one of the most cost-effective universities. There are 7,299 undergraduates and 3395 postgraduates, including 1,200 international students from more than 150 countries. The teacher-student ratio is 1:14, small classes are taught, with an average of 23 students per class, which can enhance the communication between teachers and students so that every student can be fully taken care of. More than 96% of the university’s faculty have achieved outstanding academic achievements. The Washington School of Law, the School of Business, the School of Humanities, and the School of Media of American universities all enjoy high reputations in the United States. In addition, American universities have set up career centers for students to help students find jobs and determine the direction of future career development.