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BCIT diploma

BCIT Diploma

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British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is a polytechnic in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. British Columbia Institute of Technology provides full-time and part-time teaching of various crafts. The British Columbia Institute of Technology was established in 1960. The main campus is in Burnaby. The British Columbia Institute of Technology also has a branch campus in the suburbs of Vancouver. A marine branch is located in North Vancouver, and a satellite technology branch is located. Fall in Richmond.
BCIT’s teaching model includes academic education and non-academic education. Through full-time courses, part-time courses and distance courses and other methods of teaching, certificate, diploma and degree education can be organically connected. Students can enter a certificate or diploma program before continuing to complete the degree program. Academic qualifications include college, undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education, BCIT can award a college diploma, a bachelor’s degree in technology, a master’s degree in application, and an honorary doctorate. Non-academic education includes a variety of industry and job certificate courses, such as international cargo agent, international interior decoration designer, etc. BCIT-has been widely praised and welcomed by enterprises and society. More and more Canadian business enterprises rank BCIT graduates as their first choice when recruiting key technical and managerial talents. Among the freshmen enrolled by BCIT every year, up to 40% are graduates from other universities and transfer students. Although many students have obtained degrees or have studied in universities, they still use BCIT’s higher applied technology education courses as a bridge to successful employment.