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Cardiff Metropolitan University diploma

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Cardiff Metropolitan University is located in the heart of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, and is adjacent to Cardiff University, a subsidiary of the world’s top Russell University Group. The current honorary school manager is His Royal Highness Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales. Li Sichen Study Abroad 360 introduced Cardiff Metropolitan University as one of the prestigious universities of the University of Wales. The University of Wales is an internationally renowned alliance university composed of many Welsh universities with a British Royal background, second only to the University of London The second largest alliance university in the UK. Li Sichen Study Abroad 360 introduces, the University of Wales Alliance, the Russell University Group in the United Kingdom, the Ivy League schools in the United States, and the five-star Australian schools all enjoy a high reputation in the world. Cardiff Metropolitan University is one of the first British public universities to be accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is also a member university of the Chinese Service Center for Study Abroad (CSCSE) of the Chinese Ministry of Education.
The only MBA in the UK for newly graduated college students without work experience: MBA (information system), MBA (project management), MBA (product design). The only university in the UK that offers an undergraduate course in Health and Social Care.
The 2009-2010 “Guardian University Rankings” ranked it as the best modern university in Wales.
Seven aspects of the 2010 “International Student Barometer” ranked among the top in the UK. Up to 95% employment rate.