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Curtin University Transcript

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Curtin University (Curtin University of Technology)’s current location in Bentley was selected in 1962 and officially opened in 1966. The first batch of students were enrolled in the second year.In 1969, WAIT merged three other institutions: Western Australia School of Mines (opened in 1902), Muresk Agricultural College (opened in 1926) and Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy College (opened in Shenton Park in the 1950s) ) ). Between 1966 and 1976, the number of WAIT students expanded from 2,000 to 10,000.
In December 1986, the Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT) became a university in accordance with the 1986 “Western Australian Institute of Technology Amendment”. Curtin University is named after former Australian Prime Minister John Curtin. Curtin University accepted its first batch of students into the university in 1987.
In the QS world rankings in 2022, Curtin University is located at 194, which is equivalent to Wuhan University in China. Wuhan University’s ranking is 257. Therefore, even if many people have not heard of Curtin University, the academic status of the school is still very high. , And its specialty can be said to be well-known in the world. The entire academic framework is quite comprehensive, and there is hardly a major that can waste life. The university is one of the top 200 universities in the world by the British “Times” for three consecutive years, and is a well-known four-star university. In the newspaper’s ranking of universities in Western Australia, Curtin has always been among the best.