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Dal Degree

In the past few years, I personally feel that the Engineering Department of Dalhousie University (Dal) is quite satisfactory, and the teachers have a relatively long teaching time. Buy fake diplom fo Dal, buy fake Dalhousie University degree, Dal bachelor diploma, custom 2021 fake Dalhousie University transcript, order Dal certificate in Canada. Compared with UBC/UBC and other business-oriented institutions, I have certain advantages in teaching. Buy fake MBA diploma. However, due to the economic strength of the province, Dalhousie University lags behind Doda/Mc in some teaching equipment, especially universities such as MK that pay more attention to science and engineering. Nevertheless, since the Dal Engineering Department has completed many commercial projects (concentrated but not limited to civil engineering/mechanical/electronics) in recent years, it has more money on hand, and many small equipment has been replaced with more advanced ones. On the other hand, like most universities in North America, Dell’s engineering department inevitably has the general teaching quality of the freshman and sophomore classes and the tight arrangement of exam assignments. But from the third year onwards, as the courses become more and more professional, I can feel a different Dal.
Computer Science is also a relatively strong major of Dell, and has a relatively high employment rate. From the perspective of my exchanges with students from Hua University/Vida University, compared to VU/VU, the compulsory CS courses of Dal’s freshman and sophomore are slightly superficial, and a little out of touch with reality. However, starting from the second semester of the sophomore year, the professionalism of the required courses will be enhanced a lot. On the other hand, Dal’s CS compulsory course time setting is relatively flexible, and the course pressure can be reasonably distributed through summer courses, and even early graduation. At present, in the entire North American region, there is a relatively large demand for computer science talents, and Dal’s signature in computer science is still more rigid and easier to use. At the same time, CS majors also have relatively more paid internship opportunities, which make up for the shortcomings of lower-level compulsory courses.