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Deakin University Transcript

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Recently, Deakin University announced the addition of the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN). atn is Australia’s most independent innovation and hardworking university group company. Following Curtin University, Royal Sydney Institute of Technology, University of South Australia and London High-tech University, Deakin University has become its fifth team member.
From the perspective of students, scientific research budgets and global standard scientific research standards, atn is the second largest university group company in Australia. At present, about 17% of local Australian students and 16% of international students are enrolled in atn group member universities.
Deakin University is one of the largest universities in Australia. The number of students at this stage exceeds 60,000. The total number of local students studying in it is the highest among all higher vocational education organizations in Australia. Deakin, as the gateway city of Geelong and the remote areas of Victoria, is also a key expansion of Sydney’s usual geographical area. Its particularly important location advantage has further improved atn’s overall strength.
With the increase in the total number of team members, atn will have a higher voice, advocate independent innovation, easy-to-use and unimpeded cultural education for future work, and create partnerships with fields dedicated to solving real-world problems. .
Like the central idea of ​​atn, Deakin believes that fairness and social development are fair. As the main organization of the community and the promoter of the social development of the masses, everyone is proud of it. We are committed to providing critical opportunities for all Australians, regardless of their situation or natural environment.