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Durham University (University of Durham), one of the top 100 universities in the world and one of the top universities in the UK, has always enjoyed a high reputation in the UK and the world. It is a top public university located in Durham, a city in Northeast England, United Kingdom. The teaching and research history of Durham University can be traced back more than 600 years ago. It is one of the earliest universities in England and the third oldest university in England after Oxford and Cambridge. It is a member of The Russell Group (The Russell Group), known as the British Ivy League school, and owns Durham Castle and the Cathedral, which originated in 1072. In May 2010, Durham University joined Matarica with Dartmouth College in the United States, Queen’s University in Canada, University of Otago in New Zealand, University of Tubingen in Germany, University of Western Australia, and Uppsala University in Sweden. University League.
In terms of local rankings in the UK, Durham is higher than King’s College London; but in terms of global rankings, KCL’s popularity is much higher. So the question is again, should the choice of school be based on the World University Rankings or the UK University Rankings? QS World University Rankings: Through a survey of “employers”, to determine which universities have a higher reputation among employers, and then to evaluate the “employment level” of a university. TIMES UK Comprehensive University Rankings: Almost all local UK university rankings use one data in the ranking: NSS. The full name of NSS is: National Student Survey. This is a questionnaire covering almost all universities in the UK, used to investigate students’ satisfaction with the school and their profession. NSS is not a Chinese mainland-style university survey questionnaire. The latter’s super high satisfaction rate makes it almost useless. NSS’s satisfaction survey reflects to a large extent the “learning experience” that a university can bring to students, especially its detailed evaluation of satisfaction with different majors.