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Algonquin College diploma

Algonquin College Degree

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As one of the largest public colleges in Canada, Algonquin College has been rated as the public college with the highest student satisfaction for many consecutive years. The college not only cooperates with major universities in the United States, Canada and Australia in credit transfer courses, but also the employment-based teaching method is also the biggest advantage of Algonquin College. Each course of Algonquin College has outstanding representatives from the government and industry serving as visiting professors, and an academic committee composed of students is instructed to compile a syllabus based on the needs of the market and employers, and review them every year. The teaching results are evaluated so that the teaching can be adjusted according to market changes at any time. With excellent teachers and advanced teaching equipment, Algonquin College recommends thousands of outstanding graduates for various industries in Canada every year, and the student employment rate is as high as 90% (find a satisfactory job within 6 months of graduation) .
Algonquin College has the right to issue a bachelor’s degree (4-year undergraduate), advanced diploma (3-year college), diploma (2-year college) and postgraduate certificate upon approval of the state. In order to increase the employment rate of students after graduation, a large number of courses have paid internships and practical content. In addition, as the official IELTS test site in Ottawa, the language school in Algonquin College is also the first choice for local students. Except for health courses, the rest of the college courses provide unconditional double admission, that is, students can enter the college’s language school without IELTS, and after passing the corresponding level, they can enter professional courses without IELTS or TOEFL. While improving the language, let students fully understand the Canadian education system, which becomes the best transition method before entering professional courses. At the same time, Algonquin College has cooperated with many universities around the world to provide students with credit transfer courses, which has become a bridge for many international students to reach world-renowned universities. These include: University of Ottawa, Carleton University, McMaster University, University of Western Ontario and many other well-known universities.