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The Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) is an academy that provides IT education and training, consulting, research, and development activities in the IT industry. It is the higher education center of information technology in Malaysia. apiit was initiated by the government and cooperated with Malaysian IT companies. With the support of the ministry of science, technology and environment, and approved by the ministry of education, apiit was funded and established by the sapura group. A milestone in the development of computer higher education.
Malaysia Asia Pacific University of Technology (APU), originally established in 1993, was called the Malaysian Asia Pacific Information Technology Vocational Institute (APIIT). In 2004, it was accredited by the Malaysian Ministry of Education and awarded the university college qualifications. It was renamed Malaysia Asia Pacific University of Technology ( UCTI), and then upgraded to a university in 2012, named the Malaysian University of Innovation and Technology (APU). Since its establishment in 1993, APIIT has developed into a huge education group, and its brand “Asia Pacific” has become one of the most powerful brands in various education fields from elementary school to higher education. Asia Pacific University of Science and Technology has opened campuses in many places and cooperated with universities such as the United Kingdom. Asia Pacific University of Science and Technology is located in the Malaysia Science and Technology Park, the business and information center of Malaysia. It is the fastest-growing higher education center for information technology and computer in Malaysia. And graduate courses. The majors involved in the school include: computer game development, network development, multimedia computers, software engineering, mobile electronics, artificial intelligence, computer security defense, knowledge management, biostatistics, computer business, computer business management, electronic marketing, business and information technology, E-commerce, etc. Asia Pacific University of Science and Technology is good at cultivating students’ professional qualities and work abilities, making graduates who have just stepped out of the school very sought-after in the workplace. As many as 105 international students from countries and regions study on campus, APUST provides students with a truly international metropolitan educational environment, allowing students to calmly deal with the international challenges they will face after they step out of the campus. Asia Pacific University of Science and Technology has achieved many extraordinary achievements. Last year, it ranked first in many educational institutions in Malaysia, such as: graduate employment rate, student research and development projects (software development), intensive education courses and joint school courses, and students’ majors Sex training and so on.