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Athabasca University Degree

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Athabasca University (AU) is a well-known distance education university in Canada. It is located in the town of Asabesca, Alberta, Canada, 140 kilometers north of the provincial capital Edmond, and in Edmond and the fourth largest city in Canada. There are branches in Calgary; AU is a well-known public university in Canada and a Canadian university recognized by the Ministry of Education of China.
Athabasca University is a council member of the Association of Higher Schools of Canada. Its important task is to remove obstacles for adults in Alberta, Canada and the rest of the world, so as to accept traditionally a variety of limited university cultural education. In order to better achieve this goal, the university has already adopted the current policy of opening to the outside world in the content of bachelor’s degree courses.
Athabasca University has established business management, distance classroom teaching, physical and mental health clinical medicine, information system management methods and other technical professional courses. At the same time, it has established the following undergraduate and junior college courses, Sociology, Canada Scientific research, English, French, historical time, historical humanities, information systems, labor science research, economics principles, sociology, social psychology, social psychology, female science research, financial accounting, financial information services, network technology, applications Research, plastic arts and scientific research, environmental sanitation administration, labor-related management methods of the Human Resources Bureau, optimization of human resource resources, network marketing, in-communication, legal affairs, rectification, laws and regulations, management methods, human resources Management, humanities, electronic information science and information systems, etc.