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Birmingham City University (BCU) is one of the modern and comprehensive institutions of higher learning in the UK. Its history can be traced back to 1843 and is located in Birmingham, England. bcu has about 25,000 students from more than 80 countries around the world, 6 colleges, and more than 300 courses. The school attaches great importance to the social practical ability of students, and the courses offered are highly practical and innovative. BCU has 8 campuses in Birmingham, with advanced modern teaching facilities and laboratories, and provides students with better hardware facilities, including libraries, activity centers, etc. According to experts from Lisichen Study Abroad 360, as part of the development of East Birmingham, the school spent 150 million pounds to establish a new “flagship” campus. Birmingham City University ranked 88th in the UK in the 2015 Guardian UK University Rankings and 82nd in the UK University Rankings in the 2015 Complete University Guide.
As the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham has all the attractions of a modern and international city. It has a nightlife that rivals the cosmopolitan city, world-class sports facilities, an excellent cultural and artistic atmosphere, international cuisine and excellent shopping facilities. Birmingham is the largest manufacturing center in the UK. It is located in the middle of England. It has convenient rail, road, and air connections. It is the hub of the UK and international transportation network. It only takes 90 minutes to get to London by train. Birmingham is a university city with three universities, many colleges and language schools, and is one of the most popular cities for overseas students. At the same time, Birmingham is a vibrant cultural center, with theaters, theaters, art galleries, art galleries and various museums everywhere. In terms of sports, Birmingham has more stadiums and first-class sports facilities than other cities in the UK, and has its own ‘Premier League’ team. Music is even more indispensable. The city holds all kinds of concerts all year round, including mainstream rock music, street performers, symphony orchestras, international jazz festivals and so on. According to Mr. Chen Yue from Lisichen Hebei Study Abroad 360, Birmingham is also a paradise for shoppers. Not only does it have the ‘bullring’ shopping plaza, one of Europe’s largest shopping malls, but it also has many private boutiques that make people linger. There are also many historical sites around Birmingham, attracting a large number of overseas tourists to visit here every year.