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Birkbeck College Degree

Birkbeck, University Of London (Birkbeck College) is a college of the University of London, founded by Dr. George Birkbeck. Buy fake Birkbeck from University of London degree, purchase Birkbeck College fake diploma, University of London degree certificate, offer Birkbeck College 2021 diploma, Birkbeck College transcript example. In 1920, it formed the University of London with 31 institutions including University College London (UCL), London School of Economics (LSE), Kings College (Kings College) and London Business School (LBS).
The teaching and scientific research of the college are well-known, and it has opened more than 80 master’s courses in the fields of liberal arts, sciences and social sciences. In order to cooperate with the various scientific researches of the school, the school also organizes a variety of high-quality research topics, which can be successfully completed to obtain a master of philosophy and a doctorate.
Birkbeck College has a high proportion of employees actively engaged in scientific research. 91% of employees have participated in Research Evaluation Activities (RAE), which is the highest among the multidisciplinary institutions of the University of London. Based on a score of 1 to 5* (the highest score), in the RAE assessment, more than two-thirds of the research conducted by the school’s departments are of international standards. The subjects that received 5* are English, History, and Spanish, and the following subjects received 5 points: Crystallography (Structural Biology), Earth Science, Economics, German, Art History, Law, Philosophy , Political science and psychology, the scientific research of these disciplines is of great significance in the international arena.