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Carleton University Degree

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Carleton University is located in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and is a well-known public university in Canada. Carleton University pays equal attention to teaching and research, and ranks in the top 5 comprehensive universities in the university rankings of the famous Maclean’s Magazine. The school has a high reputation in the fields of economics, public affairs management, and high-tech. The school’s journalism school is recognized as the best college in Canada. , Local radio and TV station internship opportunities. In addition, the school and the University of Ottawa have cooperation in many aspects of teaching work, share resources, and have close ties with many leading high-tech companies and research institutions in Canada, and are among the best in the fields of public affairs and management and high-tech research, and enjoy a high reputation. The university has a well-stocked library with approximately 100,000 books, 150,000 periodicals, and more than 2.53 million pieces of audiovisual and multimedia materials.
Ottawa has a large annual temperature difference. The highest temperature recorded in history is +37.8 °C (100 °F) measured in the summer of 1986; the lowest is -36.1 °C (-33 °F) in the winter of 1943; making Ottawa the world’s highest temperature. Second, the cold capital city (second only to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia).
Ottawa is covered by snow and ice in winter, with an average annual snowfall of 235 cm (93 inches). The average temperature at night in January is -25 °C. Considering the wind factor, the human body feels -40 °C. Usually covered in snow and ice from November to April.
The summer in Ottawa is warm and humid, and the time is short. The average maximum temperature in July is 26.5 °C, and it is not uncommon for it to be above 30 °C. Because it is close to the river, the humidity is very high, and sometimes it is abnormally hot and stuffy.