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CELTA Certificate sample

Cambridge English CELTA Certificate

PISA incorporates foreign language proficiency into the assessment, and the Cambridge English Assessment Department becomes an English assessment partner. Buy fake CELTA QCF certificate from Cambridge, buy Cambridge level 5 certificate, CELTA Certificate sample, buy Cambridge QCF certificate, Cambridge certificate, Cambridge level diploma, Cambridge English certificate. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD, hereinafter referred to as the OECD) recently announced that starting from 2025, foreign language proficiency will be evaluated as an optional subject in the evaluation of the international PISA education system. At that time, a comparative assessment of the English proficiency of students in schools around the world will be conducted. This project will be carried out by Cambridge Assessment English in cooperation with the OECD. APICS CSCP certificate. The project may also include evaluations of other languages ​​in the future.
PISA is a cross-country (regional) and cross-cultural evaluation project for basic education initiated by the Economic Cooperation Organization in 2000. The project evaluates the 15-year-old students’ reading, mathematics, scientific literacy and the ability to use knowledge to solve real-world problems once every three years, reflecting the students’ ability to participate in future life. In the recent 2018 PISA assessment, 79 countries (regions) participated in the sampling test. Four provinces and cities in my country (Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang) as a whole achieved good results in all three subjects. At present, PISA is the world’s largest and most objective educational achievement comparison project. Each evaluation is based on the participation of about 600,000 students from randomly selected schools. PISA aims to help countries improve and perfect their education policies through relevant data. By adding foreign language proficiency assessment to PISA, the OECD hopes to help countries evaluate their foreign language teaching progress and discover the best practical experience in English teaching. This project will provide unprecedented insights and contributions to the effectiveness of global language teaching and learning.
Dr. Hanan Khalifa, Director of the Educational Reform and Impact Department of Cambridge University’s English Assessment Department, explained: “There have been many attempts to compare language learning around the world, but none of them have provided a systematic approach to language education in schools. In turn, it helps the formulation and adjustment of national and local education policies. The mission of the University of Cambridge is: to contribute to society through the continuous pursuit of the highest international level of education, learning and research.” As a member of the university, we are committed to achieving this. One mission contributes. We are very pleased to cooperate with the OECD to provide our language assessment experts and share the technology and valuable experience we have gained from assessing tens of millions of language learners around the world over the years. “