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The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) was established in 1963. It is a comprehensive research university with a mission of “combining tradition and modernity, integrating China and the West.” Chinese masters and students come from all over the world. Buy fake CUHK diploma, Chinese University of Hong Kong copy degree, CUHK thick paper degree, CUHK official transcript,  cost of fake CUHK diploma, We also have a large number of local and overseas alumni organizations that connect with CUHK graduates from all over the world. CUHK is the premier university in Hong Kong and even Asia. The purpose of this school is to cultivate talents with both professional knowledge and wisdom in life. Buy fake degree in Hong Kong. The characteristics of the school include a flexible credit system, a college system, a combination of Chinese and English, and multiculturalism; Knowledge education, in order to broaden students’ horizons and cultivate comprehensive thinking skills, so that students can introspect inwardly and externally in a rapidly changing modern society, become outstanding leaders and contribute to society.
The eight colleges of CUHK offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Research Honors The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s research projects cover all kinds of disciplines. The school also gives teachers the freedom to provide consultancy services or collaborate with the industry. Under strict self-requirements, the university’s research has been maintained at a high level, and its reputation is growing day by day. The Education Grants Committee of the University of Hong Kong (UGC) has selected 24 disciplines of excellence to concentrate resources on funding local universities to conduct research, nine of which are under the responsibility of the University of Hong Kong. At present, the Chinese University has five national key laboratories approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, possessing world-class research capabilities and fulfilling the important scientific tasks assigned by the country. In terms of publishing research results, CUHK has achieved impressive results. Whether in journals in specialized fields, or journals that are familiar to the general public, such as “Nature”, “Science”, and “Needle”, you can see the articles of the Chinese University people.
Unique College System The college system is a feature of CUHK and is unique among universities in Hong Kong. The existing member colleges include Chung Chi College, New Asia College, United College and Shaw College, and the newly added Morning College, Shan Heng College, Jing College, Wu Yi Sun College and Wo Sing College. They complement each other with universities, provide student-oriented whole-person education and caring guidance, strengthen communication and interaction between teachers and students, and condense students’ sense of belonging to the college and alma mater. Campus Environment The campus of CUHK covers an area of ​​137.3 hectares and overlooks Tolo Harbour. It is the widest and greenest campus in Hong Kong. In order to meet the needs of study and life, the school has complete facilities, including a first-class library, as well as cultural relics, concert halls, swimming pools, sports fields, tennis courts, squash courts, water sports centers and fitness rooms, etc.