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Douglas College diploma

Douglas College Diploma

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Douglas College is a post-secondary college near Vancouver. Douglas College has two main campuses in Coquitlam: the New Westminster campus and the David Lam campus. There is also a training center in Surrey.
Douglas College offers bachelor’s degree and general university liberal arts courses. It is also recognized as a leader in career projects such as nursing, service (children, family and community learning), economics, and creative arts.
Approximately 14,000 students take credit courses at Douglas College each year, and 7,000 students take short-term, non-credit courses to satisfy employment or personal development.
Douglas College is also a very popular choice for international students-every year hundreds of students from China, South Korea, Japan and many other countries come to Douglas College to study. Accessible learning is a source of pride. This means that students with disabilities can get the help they need to pursue their educational goals. This also means that Douglas College also welcomes adult students who need to improve their tertiary skills. It will provide courses that improve skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and learning. Douglas College has 750 tutors who bring the passion for learning and true self-experience into the classroom. They concentrate on educating students and helping students complete their academic and career goals.