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Flinders University is located in the south of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. It is only 15 minutes by car from the famous tourist destination of Grinnell Waterfront and about 30 minutes by car from Adelaide’s city centre. Its name comes from the British navigator Matthew Flinders who explored the southern coastline of Australia in 1802. 1966 was the period when Australia’s national expansion university was planned to improve higher education for all. On March 25 of the same year, it was officially opened by the late Queen Elizabeth and Minister Sir Mark Mitchell.
Finally, I talked about employment. I came to South Australia because of the extra five points in remote areas and the relatively low tuition fees. Considering the economic benefits, I studied at the University of South Australia. Two years later, I got my graduation visa first, and then took four 7s. After waiting for a long time, the immigration scores rose. I took another 4 8s to get PR. Here I also say that the urban atmosphere has a great impact on people. In South Australia, most students basically take the order of taking English, reading, py, naati, and pr to find a job. Everyone does not think this is a problem, but the students in Sydney I was busy looking for internships before graduating, so my career path was much ahead of our time. After I got the pr, I couldn’t find a job and did all kinds of odd jobs. Later, I found an intern who didn’t give money and did it for about half a year. Others introduced me to a company to do parttime accounting. Then I have been looking for it since I resigned in June this year. For full-time accounting work, the resumes are basically dead, but occasionally there will be phone calls to inquire and nothing will be done. All the friends around me are pr, basically there are not a few jobs (I mean being hired), either buy a cleaning business or open a shop, because it takes time and perseverance to find a job, and of course it also supports you to survive. Many people gave up this road early.