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Mohawk College Degree

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Mohawk College (Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology) is a professional college established by the government of Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1966, it is one of the most famous public colleges in Ontario. The provincial government allocates 99,000 yuan to the college as educational funds every year. The college provides a comprehensive range of applied technology diplomas, applied technology degrees, and linking undergraduate and master’s degree programs to meet the needs of students from different cultural backgrounds. The school’s mission is to have both good character and learning, and emphasize the infinite curiosity and creativity of young students. As a public college, Mohawk College is well-known in Canada for its rigorous and pure school spirit and perseverance.
The Department of Health and Nursing at Mohawk College ranks among the best. Among all colleges in Canada, Mohawk’s pharmacist major is open to international students, which makes it possible for international students to choose pharmacists as their study direction in Canada.
Mohawk College has a wide range of advantageous majors, the most famous of which are aircraft maintenance majors and automobile maintenance majors. Unlike other public colleges that use airplane models for teaching, Mohawk College uses real airplanes to teach students more intuitively to show the whole picture of airplanes. Under the influence of superior teaching resources and strong faculty, graduates have the opportunity to obtain the globally recognized Ontario Aircraft Technician Certificate. The automotive maintenance major of Mohawk College is in cooperation with General Motors Corporation of the United States to provide students with broader employment prospects.