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July 5th. According to Malaysia Sin Chew.com, a few days ago, the consultant of the Chinese Development Committee of the Batu High School in Malaysia, Chen Yifa, said that the number of students for the Chinese Language of the Malaysian Higher School Diploma (STPM) in 2020 has been greatly reduced, and the Chinese news agency is urgently needed focus on.
He said that according to the 2020 Higher School Diploma Information released by the Malaysian Examinations Council, there were 406 STPM candidates for Chinese in 2019, while there were only 289 candidates for Chinese in 2020, a sharp drop of 117.
Chen Yifa said that although the Chinese community is a group that loves Chinese education, people often pay more attention to Chinese elementary schools and independent middle schools, and the Chinese language education in pre-university courses has been neglected for a long time. He said that the majority of Chinese Form 5 graduates now choose to study in private universities or pre-university classes, and only a small number of them choose to attend pre-university classes. However, only pre-university courses have Chinese language courses. Education at this stage plays an important role in the development of Chinese education. Graduates can go to public universities to study Chinese in the future. “If the number of students taking Chinese subjects decreases, it also means that the source of students entering the Chinese department of public universities will be greatly reduced. In the end, Chinese education in Malaysia can only remain at the fifth level, and it will not be able to effectively upgrade to the level of Chinese education in tertiary education.”
Chen Yifa said that in the long run, this situation will affect the source of Chinese education teachers and bring about a vicious circle. “Graduates of Chinese departments of public universities only need to apply for one year of education in the department of education to be able to serve as teachers of Chinese language. Graduates of Chinese departments of private universities can hardly do so. If the number of candidates for the Chinese language courses in the pre-university courses is greatly reduced, the development of Chinese education will dry up. “