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In order to achieve the goal of building a developed country in 2020 and alleviate the shortage of higher education investment, the Open University Malaysia (OUM) was formally established in 2000. Its establishment and development have an immediate effect on the rapid popularization of higher education in Malaysia, and it is significant for improving the quality of the country. Significant. During the establishment and development of the Open University of Malaysia, some characteristics have gradually formed, which are worthy of our reference and learning.
The “Open University” originated from The Open University in the United Kingdom in the 1970s. After that, many countries followed suit and set up open universities. This reflects the requirements of various countries for university education. The Open University of Malaysia is based on its progressive educational ideas, complete professional settings, and novelty. It is well-known worldwide for its school-running forms, advanced teaching media, low training costs and excellent education quality. This article analyzes the educational characteristics of the Open University of Malaysia and analyzes its successful school-running experience, with a view to providing useful enlightenment for the development of higher education in China. Borrow.