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Leland Stanford Junior University diploma sample

Stanford University degree

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Looking at the list, Stanford University (Leland Stanford Junior University) successfully regained the title of “the most difficult university in the United States to apply for” from the California Institute of Technology with a “death acceptance rate” of 4%.
In addition, the admission rates of the 7 Ivy League schools except Cornell are all below 9%. Together with the University of Chicago, Duke University, Rice University, Vanderbilt University, Pomona College and other schools, they collectively took the top 15 on the list. It can be said that Cornell is the “easiest” university among the Ivy League schools. The difficulty of admission is even lower than Rice University, Vanderbilt University, Northwestern University and other universities.
It is worth mentioning that the performance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the Niche list this year is very strong. Pomona College leads the list with 7% admissions. In addition, there are Williams College, Swarthmore College and Bowden College. Including colleges, there are 11 liberal arts colleges in the top 30, and their competition and application difficulty are no less than top comprehensive universities.