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University of Aberdeen diploma

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The University of Aberdeen (Aberd) is one of the oldest universities in Scotland. It was established in the Middle Ages and is also the fifth oldest university in the UK. It has a very long history.
Not only that, it is world-renowned for its teaching quality and research quality. It has trained five Nobel laureates and is also one of the 20 star-rated universities in the UK. Ranked 172 in the 2019 QS World University Rankings.
The University of Aberdeen is located in Aberdeen, the third largest city on the east coast of Scotland, also known as Granite City. Since the city developed into the largest base of the North Sea oil field in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, Aberdeen has become “Europe’s oil capital”
The University of Aberdeen is very famous for its medicine. It has the first medical school in an English-speaking country. Both insulin and nuclear magnetic resonance were invented by professors from the University of Aberdeen.
The law school is considered one of the top law schools in the UK. The international law and commercial law offered are especially suitable for Chinese students to study. Petroleum engineering majors are second in the UK, with more job opportunities.