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United Nations University diploma for sale

United Nations University diploma

Buy fake UNU degree, order United Nations University fake diploma, United Nations University diploma for sale, buy fake United Nations University certificate, purchase UNU fake official transcript, how to buy fake degree in Japan? The United Nations University (UNU), headquartered in Japan, is a global think tank that also provides postgraduate education. The mission of the United Nations University is to help promote the solution of the most pressing global problems through collaborative research and joint teaching. These problems are related to human survival, development and prosperity, and are closely related to the United Nations, its member states and the people of the world, buy fake degree.
In order to fulfill this mission, the United Nations University has cooperated with world-renowned universities and research institutions to build a bridge between the international academic circle and the UN system. Through postgraduate teaching activities, the United Nations University has also promoted capacity building in various countries, especially in developing countries.
In 1969, when the UN Secretary-General U Thant gave his annual report to the UN General Assembly, he proposed the establishment of a “United Nations University.” This is a truly international university dedicated to the cause of world peace and human progress advocated by the UN Charter.
The United Nations General Assembly requested a study on the feasibility of establishing a United Nations University, and then appointed an expert group to work closely with UNESCO to discuss the possibility of establishing a United Nations University. In September 1972, the expert group submitted a research report to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. In December of the same year, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution agreeing to establish a United Nations University. So far, the world’s first international university was formally established. Since then, the UNU founding committee drafted the UNU Constitution and founding resolutions, and the above-mentioned documents were passed at the UN General Assembly in December 1973.