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Flinders University degree

Flinders University diploma

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Business School: The Business School of Flinders University is the first in South Australia and the third in Australia to be accredited by the Association of British Business Administration Masters (AMBA). Flinders University cooperates with more than 200 companies and institutions to provide students with opportunities for internships or participating in industry projects to cultivate students’ professional practical ability. The main partners of Flinders University include: PricewaterhouseCoopers, McDonald’s, Bank of South Australia (BankSA), Ernst & Young (EY), Hudson BT, Bendigo Bank, etc.
School of Creative Arts: Since 1966, Flinders University has been a leader in the field of creative arts. We are familiar with the requirements of the global cultural and art industry for the knowledge and professional skills of talents. Flinders University cooperates with Adelaide Film Festival, State Theatre, Adelaide Fringe Festival, CDW Studio and Australian Dance Company to help students improve their professional skills, provide professional practical experience, and give students the opportunity to expand Many industry contacts.
School of Education: Flinders University is the largest teacher training export institution in South Australia. The average income of education graduates of Flinders University is higher than the national average (2018 QILT Student Experience Survey).
Engineering College: All engineering majors are accredited by the Australian Engineers Association EA and the International Engineering Education Professional Association Washington Accord (Washington Accord). Flinders University spent 120 million Australian dollars to build a world-class teaching and research center in Downsley. This is a base for innovation and entrepreneurship, with the most advanced equipment, laboratories and learning spaces. Flinders University provides a 20-week internship program for engineering undergraduates, which is the longest internship program in Australia. A 12-week internship program is offered at the graduate level.
School of Environment: Adopting an interdisciplinary learning method, combining the study of environmental science with political and developmental research, to help students have a more comprehensive and profound understanding of global environmental issues. Students will analyze and understand the various components of the earth system: atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere; it will provide students with a wide range of learning directions and provide students with more choices for future employment.