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Harvard University degree

Harvard University diploma

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Harvard University was established by a vote of the Massachusetts Bay Colony Court. After nearly four centuries of development and precipitation, Harvard University, which covers an area of ​​5,457 acres, has now become a world-class top research university. Harvard University’s academic achievements are not only reflected in the annual ranking lists, but also in the contributions that its alumni have made to the country and the world after they have completed their studies. This is the birthplace of the President of the United States. Eight presidents graduated from Harvard University. It is also the cradle of Nobel laureates. Hundreds of Nobel laureates have studied or are studying and working at Harvard. It is a place that has changed the world. There are countless outstanding talents. Flee here, learn a skill and enter the society to benefit all mankind. Harvard University’s research closely follows the changes of the times. For example, after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Harvard published a series of research results, including that the probability of people being infected by the new crown when traveling by air is lower than that of going shopping or eating.
Harvard University now has 15 colleges, 10 graduate schools, more than 40 departments, and more than 100 majors. Among them, medicine, law, accounting and finance are ranked first in the major rankings. The professors of all majors are composed of world-class scholars. These professors go hand in hand in scientific research and teaching to provide students with a rich and diverse knowledge experience. The professors here are easy to approach. The average class size of the school is less than 40 students, and more than half of the courses per semester only enroll 10 or fewer students. This makes the relationship between students and professors closer.
At the same time, Harvard University also ranks first in research funding in the United States. A large number of alumni who have achieved fame after graduation have donated a lot of money to their alma mater to support the alma mater to continue scientific research. Therefore, the school has sufficient funds to set up numerous scientific research institutions, including many well-known medical institutions such as Children’s Hospital, Diabetes Hospital, and Women’s Hospital. As the world’s top university, Harvard University has extremely demanding admission requirements for various advantageous majors. Every year, a large number of outstanding students rush to apply. Students who want to sprint to Harvard must pay attention to the school’s major settings early, choose their favorite majors and prepare to apply for work as soon as possible.
In addition to academic advantages, Harvard University has many resources. Its library is the largest academic library in the world. Its collection includes 20.4 million books, 180,000 series of books, about 400 million manuscripts, and 10 million photos. , 124 million archived web pages and 5.4 trillion bytes of original digital files and manuscripts. There are more than 28 million works of art, handicrafts, specimens, materials, and instruments in Harvard University’s museums. These internationally renowned collections have a profound influence on academics and teaching, and are the basis for the development and continuation of many disciplines. The school’s museum ranks alongside some of the world’s greatest museums and is open to the public. They can receive more than 650,000 local, domestic and international tourists each year.