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he “Quality Management Award” of the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) aims to recognize organizations that meet the requirements of quality management and have a lasting commitment to the quality management process. The award selection is based on seven criteria, including: leadership, strategy, customers, evaluation, analysis and knowledge management, work team, operations and performance.
After more than 50 years of cultivating Hong Kong, AECOM has established the world’s largest office here, and is fortunate to help the city transform into a cosmopolitan city. Over the past few decades, whether it has developed from the earliest new towns in Sha Tin to the recently expanded Tung Chung and other new towns; or from subways, high-speed rails, highways, tunnels and bridges, to airports and ports, and other world-renowned transportation systems ; Or from water affairs, sewage treatment to medical facilities and other important resources and urban services, with the support and trust of partners, batches of AECOM technical experts have contributed professional knowledge and experience to many major local infrastructure projects.
Mr. Zhong Xiaoping, CEO of AECOM Greater China, attributed this honor to the 4,000 employees in the Hong Kong office: “Participating in the competition for the Quality Management Award allows us to review the profound changes that AECOM’s participating projects have brought to local development. An opportunity to re-examine the company’s operations to achieve the best practices in the industry. The pursuit of quality is never-ending. We will always strive for excellence and breakthroughs on top of our current achievements, continue to train professionals, abide by the ethical standards, and achieve the highest standards of excellence Quality delivers every project for our customers, conceives a better future with our communities, and creates livable homes.”