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The Council of the Student Union of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) passed the so-called “motion” earlier to openly mourn the “suspects in the assassination case.” Buy fake HKU SPACE diploma, order University of Hong Kong degree, buy HKU SPACE fake degree, custom HKU SPACE official transcript, HKU SPACE certificate sample. The Southern Metropolis reporter was informed that on August 4, the University Council of Hong Kong held a meeting and decided to prohibit all students participating in the student council from entering the campus and using university facilities and services until further notice. Earlier, the University of Hong Kong has announced that it will no longer recognize the existing role of the Student Union in the school. Buy fake University of Auckland degree.
On August 4, the task force appointed by the University Council of the University of Hong Kong pointed out that considering that the student council’s resolution may violate the law and is being investigated by the police, allowing the congress members involved to continue activities on campus will constitute a problem for the school. Serious legal risks also have a negative impact on school personnel and even the school’s reputation.
The University of Hong Kong Committee stated that due to the seriousness of the situation, risk management measures must be taken immediately to prohibit students from entering the campus. In addition, the HKU School Committee also requires the school management to formulate an implementation plan, follow up the development of the incident, make timely amendments to the measures, and report to the school committee.