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HRCI degree certificate

HRCI Certificate

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American Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI®) Global Human Resources Expert Certification (GPHR ®) Is a competency-based global certificate designed to test the skills and knowledge reserves of professionals who coordinate human resources globally. This certificate proves the professional knowledge that HR professionals should possess in dealing with corporate globalization, managing international human resources and assisting corporate multinational operations.
Prove that you, as an HR professional, can perform different HR management functions locally and globally.
Confirm to the international industry that you have the qualifications to hold important HR positions in various places.
Prove that you are worthy of trust and respect in terms of global core and HR management practices.
Recognized by the company and colleagues, business leaders generally believe that HR professional certification is more self-motivating.
To provide you with a fully credited certificate-HRCI has been credited and meets the strict standards of the National Certification Council (NCCA).
Prove your abilities-HRCI provides you with a competency-based professional certificate that is highly valued in the human resources, business and corporate atmosphere.
Join you in the exclusive social circle of global human resource experts. HRCI was established in 1976 and is the world’s largest human resource certification organization. There are nearly 140,000 human resource leaders certified by HRCI, covering more than 100 countries and regions.