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INTI International University is committed to expanding a wider international network of advanced studies for students. Its certificates, diplomas and degrees have been accepted by more than 300 universities around the world through dual courses, dozens of which are world-renowned universities. High-quality teaching
INTI International University is one of the higher education institutions with the largest number of courses accredited by the academic accreditation body in Malaysia. The Laureate University Alliance consists of eight colleges in Malaysia and three affiliated international colleges located in Beijing, Hong Kong and Jakarta, providing students with a wide range of courses. Inti College has international students from more than 50 countries, accounting for 25% of the total number of students. This international atmosphere provides students with a good opportunity to experience different cultures. In 2004, INTI University was awarded the National Innovation Brand and Innovation Award by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Malaysia. Indy University is the only joint college recognized overseas by the University of Hertfordshire and Coventry University. The “3+0” course was rated as excellent by the British Higher Education Academic Accreditation Committee. Pioneer of international education, providing students with a platform for the education of more than 300 international excellent universities. So far, about 38% of INTI engineering students have obtained first-class honours degrees from the University of Adelaide, Australia. The only private university recognized by the US Department of Commerce. Since 1992, 4 out of every 10 students transferred to the United States have come from INTI.