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Apply Fake ISEB Certificate from BCS Professional Certification, ISEB ceritifcate, buy BCS Professional Certification degree, buy fake ISEB certificate, ISEB certificate sample, purchase BCS Professional Certification fake certificate. The ITIL certification system is jointly operated by four major international authorities to ensure the professionalism, openness, authority, practicality, wide acceptance and continuous updating of this certificate. ISEB fake certificate, buy ISEB certifcate, fake certificate of BCS Professional Certification, buy BCS Professional Certification diplom, buy fake IGCSE certificate. The four major operating agencies of ISEB are:
1. OGC of the British Government Commerce Department, OGC is the owner of the de facto international standard ITIL in the field of IT service management, and all ownership of ITIL belongs to OGC. OGC is specifically responsible for the development of the ITIL curriculum system and constantly proposes updates. Continuously integrating the best practices of global IT development, OGC nominates and selects other organizations or experts to write, and organizes relevant experts from all over the world to review these manuscripts to ensure their quality. But OGC itself is not involved in ITIL training and certification.
2. IT Service Management Forum ITSMF (IT Service Management Forum) is the world’s largest IT service management user organization, dedicated to developing and promoting best practice standards and certifications for IT service management. ITSMF is the only recognized IT service management industry organization in the world, with more than 16 national chapters all over the world.
3. EXIN (Examination Institute For Information Science), headquartered in the Netherlands, provides ITIL exams in various languages ​​to the world.
4. BCS Professional Certification (ISEB, IInformation Systems Examinations Board), headquartered in the United Kingdom, has great influence in the Commonwealth of Nations, and is specially responsible for providing English exams. Buy fake certificate, buy fake diploma of IInformation Systems Examinations Board.
ITIL qualification certification is mainly issued by EXIN and ISEB, both of which use the same test papers and have the same authority. In addition to providing their own exams, EXIN and ISEB have authorized many specialized exams and training institutions around the world, but the ITIL qualification certificate is uniformly issued by EXIN and ISEB, and the certificate is universal.