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Johnson & Wales University diploma

Johnson & Wales University degree

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Johnson & Wales University’s hotel management undergraduate degree ranks tenth in the United States (USNEWS), and its graduate degree ranks second in the United States (USNEWS).
2002), second only to Cornell Hotel Management School. The “American University Admissions Program” ranks JWU’s undergraduate business school as the third in the United States and the hotel management undergraduate program as the second in the United States. American Cooking Association ranks Johnson & Johnson’s culinaryarts-culinary arts as the fifth. The tourism management major is ranked sixth in the United States.
The annual tuition fees of Johnson and Wales University for two-year MBA and master’s degree in education are below 8,000 US dollars, which is lower than the tuition fees of most prestigious universities in the UK. There are only 3 MBAs in hotel management in the United States, Cornell, Nevada and Johnson & Wales University.
The undergraduate of Johnson & Wales University can obtain scholarships for every applicant through our application, usually around 4000-5000 US dollars. Johnson & Wales University attaches great importance to the actual ability of students, rather than pure GT test scores. High school students who apply to this school are exempt from TOEFL admission. GRE/GMAT is exempt for undergraduate applications for graduate students.
Johnson & Wales University has a good geographical location. Its main campus, Rhode Island campus, is located in Providendy, the capital of Rhode Island in the most economically developed northeastern part of the United States, adjacent to Boston and New York; graduates are well employed. Tuition fees at Johnson & Wales University are cheap, with undergraduate students spending a total of about 250,000 yuan a year, and graduate students spending about 200,000 yuan.
NEASC, an alliance of New England schools and colleges, is one of the six major league accreditation agencies in the United States. The degree certificate is internationally recognized, and the first batch of American colleges and universities (Providence campus) announced by the China Education Foreign Education Information Regulatory Network; Johnson and Wales University not only has its own liquor (Residence Inn Providence Warwick), restaurants, etc., which can provide students with internships, More than 300 companies in the world’s top 500 have long-term cooperation with Johnson & Johnson, and each year they provide Johnson & Johnson with a large amount of funds and internships. Such as Marriott, Disney Entertainment, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Ernst & Young, New York Life, FedEx, Hilton Hotel Group, 63% of interns can get permanent positions in these well-known companies. According to Li Sichen Study Abroad 360, the five-star hotel group Marriott has directly recruited 50% of the undergraduate students in the United States for 5 consecutive years from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Management and our Johnson and Wales University. The five-star hotel group Grand Hyatt has 900 students from Johnson & Johnson worldwide.