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KDU University College (UOW Malaysia KDU) is one of the top universities in the history of private higher education in Malaysia. KDU KDU creates a full range of talents with high-quality courses, from certificates, college diplomas, bachelor’s to master’s degrees, and the environment is elegant and safe, and the equipment has been carefully planned, which is suitable for students to study and study.
KDU University College not only sets a model in the education sector in the country, but the courses are accredited by the National Academic Accreditation Bureau (LAN). The dual and 3+0 bachelor programs and master’s high-quality educations jointly organized by well-known overseas universities have become well-known all over the world. Trusted by the industry and related fields. At the same time, KDU College has the status of ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Assurance Management Certificate and Multimedia Super Corridor Qualification Certification (MSC Status). In the 23 years since its establishment, the professionals trained by KDU KDU College have embarked on the road to success, which has become a testament to KDU KDU College’s insistence on high-quality education for many years. Since the establishment of the school, the college has successfully cultivated 34,000 outstanding professionals in various fields, or ranks among the most prestigious universities in the world to pursue higher learning. Currently, KDU College has international students from nearly 60 countries.