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Kingston University in London is a public university that cultivates international talents, first founded in 1899. “Guardian” University Rankings 2021: Kingston University’s design and craftsmanship, covering cultural and creative industries; illustration; animation; and graphic, interior, product and home design majors in the UK! The advantages of the university include: More than 20 minutes drive to the city center, 45 minutes to Heathrow Airport. Kingston has been rated as one of the safest districts in London all year round. Advantages: fashion design has been ranked among the top ten in the world (Business of Fashion) for many years; Over the past ten years, it has invested 50 million pounds in university development projects. The number of companies founded by graduates with first-class teaching facilities and their turnover have ranked among the top universities in the UK for seven consecutive years. It is known as the “cradle of entrepreneurs.”
Kingston’s Illustrator MA can be ranked second in the UK.
The six best universities in the UK for illustration majors, Lunyi, Huangyi, Kingston, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Goldsmiths. In general, Kingston is second only to Lunyi Camberwell’s school.