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Buy fake diploma from Canada. McGill University was founded by James McGill, a businessman and philanthropist born in Glasgow, Scotland. After the death of James McGill in 1813, he gave 10,000 pounds and his 46 acres of Burnside Place estate on the side of Mount Royal to the Royal Society for the Advancement of Scholarship in the form of trust. He put forward two conditions at the time: one is to use these resources to build a university in the name of McGill, and the other is that the school must be built within ten years of his death.
In 1821, King George IV of England issued a royal decree and established an academy in the name of McGill. The first president was The Right Rev. George Mountain, the third Anglican bishop of Quebec. He was also the principal of the Bishop’s College and the Bishop’s College.
In 1829, the teaching department of the Montreal General Hospital was merged into McGill College, the school was renamed McGill University (McGill University), and classes officially opened in the same year. McGill University was allowed to be established during the British colonial rule of Canada, 46 years before the establishment of the Canadian Federal Government, and is the oldest university in Canada.