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Edinburgh Napier University diploma

Napier University Edinburgh degree with watermark

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Edinburgh Napier University is one of the largest public comprehensive universities in Scotland. The university was founded in 1964, and its name is derived from the 16th century philosopher, mathematician and inventor of the logarithmic formula-John Ronbia. As a modern university, Longbia University works closely with industrial and commercial enterprises to provide high-quality vocational courses, and thus has a good reputation. This “learning for application” teaching method has ensured the leading position of Lomboia University graduates in all walks of life. The employment rate of Rambia University graduates has always been among the best among hundreds of universities and colleges in the UK. Since 2002, Rambia University has been among the top in the employment evaluation of British universities-more than 95% of the graduates have 6 after graduation Within a month, I can find a satisfactory job or further study opportunities.
The business school of Edinburgh Lomboya University is the most important part of the university. The business school is not only the largest among Scottish universities, but also ranked first in the 2007 Guardian British Business School Ranking. The School of Computer Science at Edinburgh Rombia University is also the largest of all universities in Scotland. In the 2008 Guardian’s UK University Guide, Edinburgh Rombiya University was rated as the best modern university in Scotland. In the 2008 British Higher Education Statistics Association and the 2009 Times and The Guardian’s graduate employment rate survey, the graduate employment rate of Edinburgh Lombia University was the highest among all universities in Scotland.