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Fake Northumbria University diploma/ transcript for sale

University of Northumbria degree/ transcript

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As a leading British institution of higher learning, Northumbria University (University of Northumbria at Newcastle) is well-known worldwide for its outstanding academic research and teaching, innovative courses and a unique combination of traditional values ​​and social and cultural diversity. Located in the historic city of Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumbria University has developed into a successful university integrating regional, national and international features since its establishment.
Northumbria University Press has published a book detailing the history of the university-“Rutherford’s Staircase: The History of Northumbria University (1871-1996)”. This book records the early history of Northumbria University and the academic institutions that formed the university.
Before the 21st century, Northumbria University has always been the largest university in the northeast of England, with a wide range of courses and rich cultural diversity in its student population. There are approximately 32,000 students on the Newcastle campus of Northumbria University, of which 3,300 are overseas students, and another 3,000 students are studying Northumbria University courses in their home countries. Through careful evaluation of the academic history, the growth of Northumbria University in recent years, as part of the overall strategic development of the university, is not only impressive, but also carefully managed. We have reviewed the relevance and value to society of the courses offered, and we provide relevant courses in the 30 most popular subjects in the UK. As an important talent supply base, Northumbria University sends a large number of high-quality talents to commerce, industry and related professional fields in Northeast England and the whole country every year.