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Purdue University Global | MBA – Project Management. Buy fake PG diploma, Purdue University Global degree price, obtain PG certificate in US, custom American university degree with transcript.
The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management program offered by  is designed for individuals who wish to build their business management and leadership skills while also learning about project management. Find out more about this online program here. Buy fake degree.
Prospective applicants of this Project Management MBA program may already have some business knowledge or experience as well as strong organizational and time management skills. All applicants to Purdue University Global’s graduate programs should already have a bachelor’s degree; some programs may have additional requirements.
Program Description:
Purdue University Global’s online MBA program is designed to help students gain the business knowledge and practical skills needed to advance into leadership positions in the business world. The Project Management concentration includes four courses that are designed to teach about all the steps and requirements of project management, including strategizing, setting schedules and budgets, determining deliverables, and project execution. Concentration courses cover topics in strategic decision-making and project selection, setting goals, project monitoring, closing procedures, and the professional responsibilities of project managers. The program concludes with a capstone course where students can demonstrate their project management knowledge.