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Queen's University Belfast diploma certificate

Queen’s University Belfast Diploma

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Queen’s University Belfast (Queen’s or QUB) is a public top research university with a reputation in Europe. It is located in Northern Ireland and is the best university in Northern Ireland. It is also a member of the Russell University Group, an alliance of British prestigious universities known as the “British Ivy.” one. The university has obtained world-class research results in various research fields.
Outstanding research results: It is a member of the “Ivy League” of British universities and a member of the “Russell” group of elite British universities. This status fully proves that it is a world-class high-quality research and education center. Among the 40 scientific research teams participating in the scientific research level assessment, 33 have reached the national and international first-class standards. 16 teams got the highest scores of 5 and 5*, and the research in 3 fields reached the international advanced level.
The accounting and finance major is ranked 7th in the UK (Times Ranking 2014). This ranking is derived from the college’s world-class research standards, excellent education quality and graduate career prospects. Since QUB students can obtain the second-ranked quality education of the Russell Group, graduates can have good employment prospects. QUB Securities Trading Room. The trading room uses the world’s most advanced Bloomberg financial system computing model to simulate the financial service environment of the London and New York exchanges such as securities trading. For students, this means that they can experience real financial service operations and processes from the classroom, and learn a lot of practical knowledge and skills.