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Queen’s University diploma

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Queen’s University at Kingston (Queen’s University) is one of the oldest and most famous universities in Canada and the second oldest university in Ontario. It was established in 1841 under the Royal Charter of Queen Victoria. It was originally a church sponsored school and became a non-church in 1912. School. Queen’s University in Canada is the school that pays the most attention to teaching. The school is small and has Canada’s first-class business school and medical school. Queen’s University’s MBA is ranked second in Canada. There are many business talents from the school, and the development momentum is very strong. Strong. The extremely high quality of teaching and academic standards often make Queen’s University students proudly compare their alma mater to Princeton in Canada. Many celebrities in Canada are Queen’s University alumni. Thanks to the generous funding of alumni and the school’s outstanding scientific research, it has attracted a lot of funding. Queen’s University has first-class facilities and equipment. From the laboratory to the gymnasium, from the library to the student activity center, all the facilities are very advanced.
The campus library is famous for its electronic services and high-tech networking. The school’s “Biological Sciences Complex” cost 50 million Canadian dollars. It is worth mentioning that the school established the “International Research Center” in the United Kingdom in 1994. The center is large in scale, including the former Royal Greenwich Observatory. It can also provide European Research-centered courses. The quality of teaching at Queen’s University is very high, attracting the best professors in Canada, with innovative designs in every professional field. The engineering physics major of Queen’s University of Science and Technology ranks first in Canada, and this major is also ranked third in North America after Princeton University and Cornell University. Queen’s University is well-known for its biology, medicine, business, engineering, law, art and science. Queen’s University has always maintained a high level of academic standards. Together with the University of Toronto and McGill University, it is also known as the Canadian Ivy League.