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The full name of ACCA member certificate is Association of Chartered Certified Accountants member certificate.  ACCA professional qualification examination is the most authoritative international certification qualification examination. It has nearly 325,000 students and 122,000 members in 170 countries and regions, and has more than 250 test centers. It is truly international in operation. For a long time, ACCA has inherited and carried forward the idea of ​​continuous improvement of the founders. buy fake ACCA certificate, ACCA certificate copy, ACCA transcript copy, replacement ACCA certiicate. Compared with other accounting organizations, ACCA is more open: ACCA Competent and outstanding people open the door, and do not refuse to accept them because of their different backgrounds-regardless of age, gender, education or ethnic differences, people can sign up, after a series of professional examinations, and obtain three years of relevant After working experience and being assessed by the ACCA Qualification Review Committee, you will be eligible for membership. ACCA members can call themselves “Chartered Certified Accountants” and can add “ACCA” or “FCCA” after their names as a logo. ACCA members can work in finance or financial management in industry, commerce, public utilities, and professional practice. At present, many ACCA members hold high-level positions in these field.
ACCA has a large number of “recognized employer companies” around the world, and more than 400 well-known international and domestic companies in China are ACCA’s “recognized employer companies”.
The students and members who take the exam have unparalleled career development opportunities and advantages, whether they are in ACCA-approved employer companies or other international global companies!
ACCA is the “Golden Diploma in Workplace” to enter the international talent highland.
It is estimated that by 2015, China will still need more than 200,000 international accountants and financial talents with ACCA or other international qualifications. The gap is huge and the career prospects are broad.
ACCA learning advantage
ACCA provides all students participating in ACCA study and members who have obtained ACCA qualifications with comprehensive development opportunities and unparalleled development advantages such as their own knowledge improvement, work ability improvement, career development opportunities, overseas academic qualifications, and overseas study and immigration opportunities.
ACCA qualification has a long history of more than 100 years and enjoys a very high international status. It is an important core member of the International Federation of Accountants. Its influence spreads to more than 170 countries and regions in the world. ACCA’s exams are in the form of a global unified exam. Its courses and knowledge system are in line with global business management, and the students’ abilities are well recognized