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With a history of 120 years, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), one of the top ten universities in Australia, and one of the ATN (The Alliance of Five Polytechnics), has won the highest award from the National Graduate Vocational Advisory Service Association for its outstanding career development and employment services. The university with the largest number of local students in Victoria. RMIT focuses on the employment of students, with a high employment rate of graduates and a high starting salary. The number of students in the school ranks fourth in Australia. In 2007, the university’s undergraduate teaching was awarded by the Australian government for its brilliant achievements.
RMIT’s superior majors: design, aerospace, automotive, environment and infrastructure construction, clothing and textiles, education, IT, media, health and community services, engineering and technology, logistics, business information technology, etc.
Paid internship: RMIT business and computer undergraduate courses are four-year majors. The third year is a paid internship year. In addition to the salary and work experience, only 1/4 of the tuition fee will be paid that year. Associate degree in science and engineering: low entry requirements and low tuition. Small class teaching, good language environment. When connecting to university courses, all credits are recognized, and students can decide to study a specific major in engineering when they enter the junior year.
RMIT’s dual master’s program: 2 master’s degrees in 2 years. A total of 12 courses can apply for a double master’s degree.
RMIT Language Center is Melbourne’s IELTS center. The teaching quality is high. The language direct courses also include learning skills training.